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YaDa International Rehabilitation, lying at the historical town of Zhejiang - Wuzhen, is a high-end ecological medical institution with comprehensive rehabilitation function. Relying on our competence in the  rehabilitation medicine, world leading expert panel, mature nursing system and PDCA quality control standards, Yada Hospital is committed to offer efficiently continuous high-quality comprehensive health check-up, rehabilitation treatment and medical and nursing services for sub-healthy group, rehabilitation patients and senior citizens respectively.

Yada Hospital features its rehabilitation treatment, health check-up and medical and nursing services. Among them, the rehabilitation service regards it as its missions that improving patients’ life quality, reconstructing their living ability, and bringing them back to family and society. For the purpose, Yada Hospital makes personalized treatment plan and uses intelligent rehabilitation and art therapy creatively to enhance the treatment results.

Yada Hospital has pleasant natural environment. Garden-style landscape invites you to a magic medical experience where you will have a good recovery journey and learn the importance of health.  


We are specialized in:
1. Dysfunction Rehabilitation;
2. Brain Injury Rehabilitation;
3. Spine Cord Rehabilitation;
4. Nerve Injury Rehabilitation;
5. Bone and Joints Rehabilitation;
6. Cardio-pulmonary Function Rehabilitation;
7. Rehabilitation after Amputation;
8. Pediatric Rehabilitation;
9. Geriatric Rehabilitation.

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Zhejiang Yada International Rehabilitation Hospital
Add: No. 955 Ziye Rd., Wuzhen Town, Zhejiang, China (In Zhejiang Yada International Health Ecological Park)
Rehab Hotline:      0573-8871-3377
Checkup Hotline:  0573-8873-1111

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