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Medical Service Process

  • Arrive at Yada Hospital by Appointment
  • Get service at Information Desk
  • Get Clinical reception by a rehabilitation physician
  • Be admitted for rehabilitation evaluation, therapeutic regimens formulation and treatment implementation
  • Be discharged
  • Follow-up visit

Admission Guide

Dear Guest, 
Thank you for choosing YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital. We will try out best to offer you superior medical services. Here are some tips for your attention.

1. Please keep the “temporary receipt” for settling accounts when you are discharged.
2. Visiting hours: 8:00~20:00
3. Meal time: breakfast 7:00, lunch 11:00, supper 17:00
4. Smoking and drinking are forbidden in ward area. Please keep the wards and toilets clean, save water and electricity, and when using air conditioners, please close the doors and windows.
5. Please take care of the public assets, and any lost electrical equipment in your wards shall be compensated according to the cost.
6. Please don’t pour the surplus food or garbage into wash basin or urinal, nor throw the used toilet paper into garbage can, so as to avoid blocking the pipelines.
7. Hospital is a public place, place don’t readily believe the stranger to avoid being tricked; please ask you relatives to take care of the valuables, and don’t store cash or valuables in your ward. Any loss caused by rule violation shall be on your own account.
8. Patients shall not go out nor live outside the hospital arbitrarily. Any unexpected incidents happened when going out arbitrarily shall be on your own account.
9. When getting out of the bed, please be slowly and do not wearing slippers with hard sole, to avoid falling down. For aged and pediatric patients, the bed railing shall be applied to avoid fall down from the bed.
10. Application of hot-water bag for keeping warm is strictly forbidden to avoid being scalded.
11. When receiving transfusion, please don’t regulate the infusion speed arbitrarily to avoid accidents.
12. Please don’t use hot plate, spirit cooker and electric cup etc. to avoid accidents.

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