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  • QHow to register or make an appointment?

    Our hospital adopts appointment service. You can log in our website and select one of the following three modes in Appointment Center: Online Appointment, Telephone Appointment and On-site Appointment, to make an appointment.
  • QCan we use Chinese social insurance to pay treatments at YaDa?

    Now we are negotiating with main commercial insurance companies to build up more and convenient payment channel for our guests. At the current, guest has to pay by themselves. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.
  • QCan relatives accompany the patient? Do you offer 24-hour nursing workers?

    To provide a comfortable medical environment, we have set visiting hours in daylight, so that relatives can conveniently communicate with the patients. The hospital offers 24-hour nursing care service, to ensure that patients can receive considerate nursing care.
  • QIs there any extra fee for accompanying relative?

    We encourage patients to meet welcomes visitors during hospital stay. For accompanying relatives,there is no extra fee for its accommodation. Actually, we have set a extra bed for the accompanying relative. But only one person is allowed to accompany the patient to avoid the interruption of the patient’s rest and treatments.
  • QWhat are the advantages of YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital comparing to the other rehabilitation hospitals?

    YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital is the first high-end ecological medical and nursing institution with comprehensive rehabilitation functions in China. Improving patients’ life quality, reconstructing their living ability, and bringing them back to family and society, are the missions of YaDa Hospital. With international management experience and rehabilitation technologies, top rehabilitation and nursing experts from China, German and Japan, YaDa International devotes to provide patients with excellent quality medical and nursing services.Besides, the unique landscape design, large area of greening spaceas well as the natural climate, cultural deposits and traffic advantages of Wuzhen Town , all make Yada Hospital distinguished from other players. 
  • QWhat departments (services) has YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital established?

    At present, YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital has set up the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine (Department of Bone and Join Rehabilitation, Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, Department of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation, Department of Geriatric Rehabilitation, Department of Pain Rehabilitation and Department of Psychological Rehabilitation), Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Department, Surgical Department, Radiology and Imaging Department, Laboratory and relevant departments for rehabilitation treatment and evaluation. In addition, we also have set up an International Medical and Nursing Center to provide customized aged-care services by our Japanese and Chinese experts.
  • QIs there any special offers?

    To acknowledge the customers’ trust to YaDa Hospital during the trial operation, we provide specially offer to for early customers. For details, please call 0573-88713377.
  • QWhat kinds of medical records are required for my treatment?

    Please bring recent medical records, such as medical history, image data, and drug name or drug outer package.
  • QHow to go to YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital?

    YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital is located at No. 955, East Ziye Road, Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang, Zhejiang (in YaDa International Health Industrial Park).

    By car
    Enter “YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital” in GPS. You can arrive here by the Yanhu Highway, National Highway 320 or 318, Huhang Highway, Shenjiahu Highway or Zhajiasu Highway. Out of the highway at the exit Wuzhen Town, you can easily find guiding boards of YaDa Hospital International Rehabilitation Hospital along the roadside.
    By plane
    You can take the airport bus WUZHEN line to WUZHEN town bus station and transfer the local bus to our hospital. You can also take taxi to the Hospital directly. It will take you about 110 minutes for the 75km distance.
    After arrival, you can easily access to Hongqiao Railway Station by 10 minutes’ walking within Hongqiao Transportion Hub and take CRH to TONGXIANG station. It will take you about 40 minutes on the train. The local bus line K282 or taxi at TONGXIANG station can reach WUZHEN directly.

    By CRH 
    If you choose CRH, we recommend TONGXIANG station for your convenience. After arrival, you can take the local bus line K282 or taxi to the Hospital.
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