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YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital
Address: Zhejiang YaDa International Health Ecological Park, Wuzhen Town, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Tel: 0573-8871 3377

Traffic Route

By Plane

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

After arrival, you can transfer the airport bus or a taxi to Wuzhen Town, and the total distance is about 75 km, taking about 110 minutes.
You can take the airport bus WUZHEN line to WUZHEN town bus station and transfer the local bus to our hospital. You can also take taxi to the Hospital directly. It will take you about 110 minutes for the 75km distance.

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 

After arrival, you can easily access to Hongqiao Railway Station by 10 minutes’ walking within Hongqiao Transportion Hub and take CRH to TONGXIANG station. It will take you about 40 minutes on the train. The local bus line K282 or taxi at TONGXIANG station can reach WUZHEN directly.


If you choose CRH, we recommend TONGXIANG station for your convenience. After arrival, you can take the local bus line K282 or taxi to the Hospital.

By Car

Enter “YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital” in GPS. You can arrive here by the Yanhu Highway, National Highway 320 or 318, Huhang Highway, Shenjiahu Highway or Zhajiasu Highway. Out of the highway at the exit Wuzhen Town, you can easily find guiding boards of YaDa Hospital International Rehabilitation Hospital along the roadside.

Wuzhen Town, located in the hinderland of Hangjia Lake Plain, is a main ancient town in Northern Zhejiang. YaDa Rehabilitation Hospital is next to Shenjiahu highway, 1.5 km away from Wuzhen Town, 65 km away from Hangzhou, 74 km away from Suzhou and 131 km away from Shanghai.

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