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Expert team

  • Medical Director--Pro.Gu Xudong Medical Director--Pro.Gu Xudong
    Prof. Gu Xudong, Director of Jiaxing Second Hospital’s Rehabilitation Center, Archiater, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor(RMIT) and National May 1 Labor Medalist, studied at the University of Wollongong and established the rehabilitation center after returning to China. Prof. Gu specializes in functional rehabilitation, rehabilitation evaluation and treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal system, as well as clinical research and application of rehabilitation engineering. He pioneers various international advanced and domestic leading rehabilitation programs such as multi-position lower limbs rehabilitative robot system, remote wearable rehabilitation evaluation system, as well as the installation and training of myoelectric prostheses and ARGO orthotics.
  • Medical Team Medical TeamWe have a professional rehabilitation physican team including medical director of rehabilitation department, well-known experts and rehab physicians with rich clinical experience. In January 2017, we set up an expert platform with 18 disiplinaries and 31 physicians from top-level public hospitals in Zhejiang Provinces.

Medical team

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Nursing team

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Therapists team

  • Therapist:Chen Xiaojun Therapist:Chen Xiaojun
  • Therapist:Chen Yingchun Therapist:Chen Yingchun
  • Therapist:Pan Yan Therapist:Pan Yan
  • Therapist:Tao Yiming Therapist:Tao Yiming
  • Therapist:Wang Weiguo Therapist:Wang Weiguo

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